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New & Used Tires for Cars, Trucks, SUVs, Minivans & Motorcycles                                          Mon - Fri 8 - 6   •   Sat 8 - 3

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Get ready for winter with a set of new tires.

One Block West of K-15 on 47th Street South!

U-Save Tire, LLC stocks hundreds of name brand new tires and thousands of quality used tires for compact cars, family sedans, sports cars, work trucks, off-road trucks, work vans, mini-vans, cross-overs, SUVS and everything in between. Prices start at $15 before installation, based on size and remaining value of the tire, calculated from tread depth. We also offer used and new motorcycle tires, too, as well as nitrogen fill, wheel alignments, oil changes, brake repair, and other automotive repairs and service!

Call U-Save Tire at (316) 524-1628 for tire pricing & availability.

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New Tires

New Tires at U-Save TireNew Tires at U-Save Tire

There are hundreds of new tire brands available today, from private label and economy brands to decidedly more expensive name brands. Let U-Save Tire help you choose tires that match your driving style and your budget.

Used Tires

Used tires at U-Save TireUsed tires at U-Save Tire

Used tires are as safe as tires driven by billions of people around the world at any moment, as long as the used tires have been properly inspected, pressure tested and installed. Used tires are a great choice for budget-conscious drivers.

Brake Repair & Service

Automotive Service & Repair at U-Save TireAutomotive Service & Repair at U-Save Tire

Brakes do a lot of work, and those components eventually need repaired. A brake job is a common service required to keep your vehicle safe. Proper brake service is more than simply replacing brake pads or brake shoes.

Tire Repair & Service

Tire repairs at U-Save TireTire repairs at U-Save Tire

No one likes a flat tire. It is never convenient. We are always on our way to work, to pick up or drop off the kids, or to an appointment. Bring your vehicle or drop off your tire. U-Save Tire can get you conveniently back on the road with the safest possible repair today.

Wheel Alignment & Suspension

Wheel Alignment & Suspension at U-Save TireWheel Alignment & Suspension at U-Save Tire

Tires which are prematurely worn to the steel belts due to poor alignment or worn steering or suspension components may blow out. Misalignment may also "pull" vehicles across lanes of traffic or into oncoming traffic, causing injury or death. Schedule an alignment today!

Motorcycle Tires & Tire Service

Motorcycle Tires & Tire Service at U-Save TireMotorcycle Tires & Tire Service at U-Save Tire

Sunshine and the great open road beckon riders every spring. U-Save Tire expertly repairs punctures in motorcycle tires so you're back on that open road as soon as possible. We also sell used motorcycle tires and most brands of new motorcycle tires, too. (Carry-in only.)

Nitrogen Fill & Service

Nitrogen Fill & Service at U-Save TireNitrogen Fill & Service at U-Save Tire

There's more to nitrogen for your tires than most realize. Do you know the "sweet spot" or proper ratio for nitrogen? Do you know why nitrogen is better for your tires? Most do not. We are the only dealer in the region who can test the nitrogen purity in your tires to help you get the most benefit with nitrogen.

Oil Changes

Oil Changes at U-Save TireOil Changes at U-Save Tire

Like it or not, vehicle maintenance is a necessity, if you want your vehicle to perform reliably. Oil and filter changes at prescribed intervals prevent premature engine wear and costly repairs. Manufacturer warranties require oil changes every few thousand miles. Stop in for your next oil change!

Other Automotive Repairs

Other Automotive Repairs at U-Save TireOther Automotive Repairs at U-Save Tire

Don't ignore the malfunction indicators on your dash! These include low tire pressure, engine problems, anti-lock brake system failures, and charging system malfunctions. Ignoring these indicators may result in inconvenience, costly repairs and even deadly system failures. Schedule your repair today.

Why Choose U-Save Tire?

  • Convenient location & superior service
  • Courteous, efficient, professionally trained & certified staff
  • Fast service - in and out as efficiently as possible
  • State-of-the-art training, certification and equipment
  • (2) Internationally Recognized Advanced Instructors
  • Passenger tires, low profile tires, high performance tires, light truck tires, lawn & garden tires, motorcycle tires
  • Lug nuts torqued to factory specification
  • Competitive pricing
  • Large used tire inventory - thousands in stock
  • Used tires clearly organized, labeled and priced
  • Most new tire sizes available same day
  • Free air fresheners - just stop in and ask!
  • Committed to recycling: tires, aluminum, steel and paper

Masters of Used Tires

Providing the best selection of inspected used tires in Wichita, Kansas, and the surrounding region.